Pylon Consulting

Why Pylon?

We consider money as the by-product and not the focus of our activities.

Focus of our activities is on delighting our stakeholders comprising of our Clients, Candidates and Employees.

Some facts about us

  • We are a 'New Age' agency and go beyond traditional hiring methods at Pylon
    We are young, dynamic, and understand that the world is changing. Our recruiting process goes beyond traditional computer searches, advertisements and resumes files. We were born with, and leverage tools such as social networking, blogs, viral marketing, web advertising, AIRS like peeling-back flipping, x-raying to ensure we connect with candidates who may not necessarily be looking for roles on job boards or in the paper. We also understand the value of face to face networking and being actively involved in the industries we service.
  • We take the time to learn about your business and know the right questions to ask
    A successful long term employee/employer relationship is more than just matching skills with job responsibilities. Company culture, personal goals and values must align and this can only occur when we understand what makes you tick. At PYLON, we want to have a long term relationship with your business, and that means understanding your business; past, present and future. Our consultants are encouraged to add value to our clients by investing time into a thorough and structured recruitment process that clicks.
  • We have in-depth knowledge about the local market dynamics
    Every PYLON consultant you talk to is a specialist in the respective field. We have in-depth knowledge of the rapidly changing face of the market in which we operate. This passion extends into our participation in a number of industry associations/groups and seminars. We constantly keep abreast with the latest developments in human resource planning, and general market manpower movement. We conduct talent benchmarking studies and annual salary surveys in order to offer our clients up to date advice and information. This gives our clients the chance to find a true business partner for their recruitment needs.
  • We are equipped with advanced software tools and market research capabilities
    We are equipped with advanced software tools to maintain our database which helps us analyze the data periodically and enhance our future strategies for maximum output. Our cutting-edge technology infrastructure allows us to deliver our services faster and more efficiently, with the necessary business intelligence to help our clients reap the benefits of a fast and seamless service delivery. Our market research capabilities help us conducting fast & effective talent searches which benefit our customers by reducing the recruitment time cycle.
  • We place great value on our candidate relationships and stay in constant touch with them
    What makes us different is the long-term relationship we form with our candidates. We stay in touch with our candidates even when they are not looking for a job. After all, recruitment is about people. Without them our business would not exist. By making the effort to get to know our candidates, by treating them with the respect they deserve and taking a genuine interest in them, we find out more about them and what makes them tick in a work environment. We identify better candidates because we know them intimately.
  • We offer customizable pricing structure to achieve the best ROI
    We are cost-efficient and offer easily customizable pricing structure. We understand that every assignment is different and thus can’t be charged the same. As a company with automated efficiency and a well managed cost structure, we can tailor our pricing to meet the budgetary requirements of your specific assignment. With several pricing and hiring models available for every assignment that you give us, we will work with you to achieve the best ROI for your recruitment budget.
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